The part is available with movement, please visit our tilting adjustable foot MPG.

Material: PP - ZCS  
Standard colors: Black
Measures expressed in: Millimeters
Drawing PDF:  

Metric Thread (M)
00900101315 M8 20,00 80,00 14,00      
00900101316 M8 20,00 100,00 18,00      
00900101317 M8 25,00 100,00 18,00      
00900101318 M8 35,00 60,00 7,00      
00900101319 M10 20,00 80,00 14,00      
00900101320 M10 20,00 100,00 18,00      
00900101321 M10 25,00 100,00 18,00      
00900101322 M10 35,00 60,00 7,00      

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