ClickClix® is a patented system to join textiles. Each ClickClix® set consists of two pieces, a male button and a female ring that acts as an anchor or fixation. It is available in three models that are distinguished by the depth of the pieces, so each model is suitable for fabrics of different thicknesses:

* ClickClix® S: Model intended for the finest fabrics. Especially recommended in its application to join socks and prevent the pairs from being lost during the washing process.
* ClickClix® M: Ideal for medium thickness fabrics. A common use is in the duvet cover. Other applications are to identify garments with buttons of different colors or to close the pillowcases.
* ClickClix® L: Created to fix and join duvets, it is also suitable for clipping towels, rags and other thicker fabrics.
These buttons can be installed using the ClickClix® tool, a clamp specifically designed to perform this task quickly and efficiently.

All models have an equivalent diameter, so they are compatible with each other and multiply the possible applications. Another peculiarity of the ClickClix® button system is the possibility of joining them sequentially and infinitely, as shown in the video. They can also be used in combination with the ClickClix® ISCY Adhesive to applications such as hanging towels and rags or attaching the shower curtain to the wall.

ClickClix® (model S) has had a crucial importance for our SockFix® product to be considered as a winner in the iF Design Awards and as a finalist of the awards Delta ADI-FAD by reinventing the sock and solving the problem of lost pairs.

For more information, you can consult our web ClickClix® or contact our commercial department.

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999PCC01002 S  
999PCC02001 M  
999PCC03001 L  

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The <b>ClickClix</b>® <b>Adhesive</b> consists of two pieces, male and female, equipped with 3M adhesive tape. It adheres to flat or slightly curved surfaces providing an effective fixing system for all types of materials. ClickClix® Adhesive is an excellent solution to organize your workspace or your vehicle, as a mount for your electronic devices and many more utilities both at home and in outdoor activities. This piece is compatible with the <b><a href='' target='_parent'> ClickClix® buttons</a></b> models M and L, therefore the applications multiply.
For more information, you can consult <b><a href=''  target='_blank'>our web ClickClix® </a></b> or contact our commercial department.

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