Our quick cable clamps are designed for one-handed installation. The design features an integrated ratchet fastener which eliminates the need for a screw or other fastener. The part is self-aligning, and the built-in handle allows for quick and easy installation without tools. The parts are suitable for many different wire, cable, or tubing routing applications.

Drawing PDF:  
UL94:   V2  
Measures expressed in: Millimeters

Panel Hole Size
Maximum diameter (D)
Panel thickness
00101100177 4,75 6,35 1,50 to 6,00 9,53 13,41 9,53  
00101100178 4,75 7,94 1,50 to 6,00 9,53 13,41 9,53  
00101100179 4,75 9,53 1,50 to 6,00 9,53 13,41 9,53  
00101100180 4,75 11,10 1,50 to 6,00 9,53 13,41 9,53  

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Our cable clamps secure, insulate and route cable, wiring, tubing, piping and fibre optics. These tough, durable, chemical resistant nylon cable clamps are perfect for applications in electronics, automotive, aircraft, appliance and many other industries. Upon request it can be supplied in other materials.   The wire and tube retaining strap has to be fixed into a 6.35 mm hole. The other side simply inserts the pin end into the receiver end. The wire or tube is secured in place without screws.