Our Uniscrew caps protect the screw heads from shocks and dirt and at the same time gives the heads a nice finish. It accepts a wide variety of screw sizes, which reduces stocks as well as assembly times thanks to its integrated washer. The manufacturing material is a copolymer PP (polypropylene) with a very high resistance to impacts resistant even at temperatures of -20ºC . It contains also a UVA additive to prevent degradation as a result of sunlight and bad weather.

During the manufacturing of these pieces we use an additive that favors their biodegradation without affecting their behavior during their useful life. Check here for more details about the properties of the biodegradable additive.
 RAL colors manufactured 

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Measures expressed in: Millimeters
BIO Line: BIO LINE the following references are also available in environment friendly materials. Contact our Commercial Office for more information.

Metric Thread
UNC/UNF Thread
D - h
UV protection
00500700015 M3 to M4 #4 · #6 11,73 4,83 3,70 3,50 7,20 / 2,80    
00500700016 M4 to M5 #8 · #10 13,85 5,15 4,90 3,75 9,60 / 2,80    
00500700017 M5 to M6 1/4 17,90 6,48 6,25 5,10 12,80 / 4,15    
00500700019 M8 3/8 24,13 11,18 10,70 7,74 17,62 / 6,20    

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Our screw head cap has been designed to be used with our washers MKPTC and MKPTD. It protects from dust, giving a nice appearance through the assembly of the cap to the washer base. It is available in glossy or matt finish. Remember to order the washer MKPTC or MKPTD with the corresponding cap, although we can supply them separately.<br> All colors except <b>black and white</b> (standard colors), are made to minimum order quantity beeween <b>20,000 to 50,000</b> pieces. Please consult our sales office.   Our washer has been designed to be used with our screw head cap MKPTA.   Our washer has been designed to be used with our screw head cap MKPTA.  

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