Our adjustable foot has a decorative round base. It is also available with felt, please visit LKFF.

Material: LDPE - S  
Standard colors: Black / RAL colors manufactured 
Measures expressed in: Millimeters
Drawing PDF:  

Metric Thread (M)
Usable Thread
00301200389 M8 20,00 16,50 34,00 9,00      
00301200390 M8 30,00 25,50 34,00 9,00      
00301200391 M8 40,00 35,50 34,00 9,00      
00301200392 M8 50,00 46,50 34,00 9,00      
00301200393 M10 20,00 17,50 34,00 9,00      
00301200394 M10 30,00 25,50 34,00 9,00      
00301200395 M10 40,00 35,50 34,00 9,00      
00301200396 M10 50,00 46,00 34,00 9,00      

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