The patented fabric-binding system ClickClix® is composed of two parts, the male-button and the female-ring that serves as anchor. It is available in two models: ClickClix® M and ClickClix® L. The ClickClix® M is used for the vast majority of medium thickness fabrics and emerged as a matching system for socks. Other applications are to identify garments or close the cushion covers. The L button was created with the mission of fixing quilts and is also suitable for towels, rags and other thick fabrics. The installation of these buttons is carried out using the ClickClix® tool. Both models have the same diameter, so they are compatible with each other and also with the ClickClix® Adhesive ISCY. Another particularity of the ClickClix® system is the possibility of joining them sequentially and infinitely.

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Material: PA66  
Standard colors: White - Black / RAL colors manufactured 
UL94:   V2  
Measures expressed in: Millimeters
Drawing PDF:  

Measure / Size
999PCC02001 M      
999PCC03001 L      
999HCC01001 TOOL      

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The ClickClix® Adhesive consists of two pieces, male and female, equipped with 3M adhesive tape. It adheres to flat or slightly curved surfaces providing an effective fixing system for all types of materials. ClickClix® Adhesive is an excellent solution to organize your workspace or your vehicle, as a mount for your electronic devices and many more utilities both at home and in outdoor activities. This piece is compatible with the <b><a href='' target='_parent'> ClickClix® buttons</a></b> models M and L, therefore the applications multiply. Some examples of the possibilities offered by the ClickClix® Adhesive can be seen by visiting <b><a href='' target='_blank'> the web of the product </a></b>. <br/><br/>If you wish to receive more information, please contact our commercial department.